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Jason McGroarty is an Irish artist best known for his conceptual work exploring the relationship between wildlife and their ever-changing environments. Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1992, he was raised in Co. Donegal which is situated in the Northwest of the Isle. McGroarty spent his formative years in the decaying council estates of Ireland, nestled in scenic hills and home to some of the worst anti-social behavior and organized crime in the country. The harsh contrast between his surrounding landscapes would go on to inspire much of his work, merging the wilderness with civilization. Jason describes “One moment you are watching a group of thugs surround the burning frame of a stolen car and if you walked for another 10 minutes you could see a skulk of foxes feasting on a dead rabbit in a beautiful woodland. I struggled to see the boundaries between those environments, to me it felt like we where left to turn as wild as the woods that surrounded us”


Also known for his minimalist approach to photography, McGroarty creates his masterpieces with only entry-level equipment, often building his own lighting, studio’s and props from unwanted materials. This motto has secured sponsors with international top dogs such as Nikon in their ‘Learn & Explore’ project promoting the quality of work that can be achieved with a masterful understanding of light & composition.


McGroarty’s work tours gallery walls all over the world, exhibiting with prestigious names such as Sotheby’s, The National Arts Club, The Louvre, Somerset House, M17 Centre of Contemporary Arts, William Brandt House and many more. Featuring in documentaries/interviews with media partners such as BBC, ABC, CNN and RTE, he is a fast-rising star within the contemporary arts scene.


“It was never the paintbrush that made the artist great.”


Grand Prize

- Monovision Photography Awards

Fine Art Photographer OTY

- Fine Art Photography Awards

International Photographer OTY

- PROIFY Awards

Fine Art Photographer OTY

- Artlevel Design Festival

2nd Place (Ireland)

- Sony World Photography Awards

Conceptual Photographer OTY

- Golden Camera Awards

1st Place (Fine Art Category)

- 1 Million Photographers Competition

Gold Medal

- Exposure Awards (The Louvre, Paris)

Conceptual Photo Series OTY

- International Photography Award

1 of '7 Exclusive Artists To Know'

- Invaluable



- Scope Art Show, Miami

- Sotheby's, New York

- Scope Art Show, New York

- Solo Exhibit 'Feast', New York


- Scope Art Show, Miami

- Scope Art Show, New York

- SWAB Art Fair, Barcelona

- Ad Art Show, The Oculus, New York


- BMW Solo Exhibition, Brussels

- Superfine Art Fair, Miami

- Accessible Art Fair, Bozar, Brussels

- SWAB Art Fair, Barcelona

- Superfine Art Fair, New York


- The National Arts Club, New York City.

- ACAF, Musee Juif fe Belgique, Brussels.

- Sony World Photography Awards, Somerset House, London.

- Sony World Photography Awards, William Brandt House, Berlin.


- Exposure Awards, The Louvre, Paris.

- Ghost Gallery, Seattle.

- The OXO Tower, London


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